Dedicated tree services in Launceston


We prune all species of trees and fully discuss the options with you before starting any work. Due care and attention are paid to everything we do in our line of work; we are fully insured and ensure the safety of everything and everyone around us while we are working.

We can take care of: 

  • Canopy reduction on deciduous trees
  • Fence line pruning 
  • Large leaders on branches
  • Fruit trees
  • Power and service wires clearing
  • Hedges


Sometimes pruning isn’t an option because the tree is too dangerous, the wrong species, dying or dead, structurally unsound, too big, or just in the way. We make our customers aware of all the available options, so you fully understand the impact of your decision. Complete tree removal can be carried out by various methods, and we always work in a controlled and safe manner. 

To fully remove a tree, we may need to use the following techniques:

  • Climbing the tree 
  • EWP (cherry pickers)
  • Directional falling
  • Dismantling with ropes

Tree reports

As fully qualified arborists, we understand trees, and we offer on-site inspections to address your tree concerns. The two main issues generally involve the health and structure of a tree, and we offer tree reports with recommendations on our findings. Many times your concerns can also be addressed on a visit and subsequent free written quotation for any tree work being considered. 

We’re experts when it comes to reviewing your requirements, and our reports will assess the possible safety concerns, risks to assets, and viability of the retention of a tree.

We compile tree reports for many reasons, including: 

  • Development and planning applications
  • Heritage listings
  • Tree removal applications
  • Tree risk assessments
  • Public liability
  • Scenic protection
  • Tree preservation and protection 
  • Site consultations (e.g. when purchasing property advice required with regard to possible development issues or risks)
  • General overview

We can customise a report for your specific requirements and provide it as a hard copy or in an email.

For more information on the skills and expertise available at Adams Tree Services call 0439 016 422 today.

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